Clara Swimming Pool is a registered Training Center with the Royal Lifesaving Society and Swim Ireland. All our lifeguards undergo compulsory training each month. Any lifeguard who dose not complete monthly training is not eligible for work until they do so.

Clara Swimming Pool is a community owned facility, which is run by a voluntary board of directors. The pool is a limited company not having a share capital since September 1999. This means that all income generated goes directly to the daily operation and maintenance of the pool.

The pool depends on fundraising to supplement it’s income and to carry out the essential maintenance. Your support is vital to maintain it for future generations.

The Swimming Pool is supported by:

POBAL Community Service Program

Offaly County Council

    • The Community Built It
    • The Community Own It.
    • We Run It For The Community, It’s yours, help us maintain it for your children & grandchildren by using and supporting it.
    • YOUR SUPPORT is Vital: Help maintain it for the future